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Our poster frames are hand made in the U.S.A. Made in the USA! with a high-grade anodized aluminum material. Our prices are unbeatable because we ARE the manufacturer. We are saving you, our customer, the price of NOT going through a retail poster frame outlet. We are continually adding many exciting features to our postrer frames by expanding our selection of "extras" to you, in the form of new poster frame materials, colors, and protective coverings. Check back with us often to see our new framing products and specials.

Poster frame profiles

Our Deluxe Aluminum poster frames are made with High Quality Anodized Aluminum Lock-in Frame Rails. We offer you the flexibility to order the frame you need and want! Get your poster frame your way, in any combination of Coverings and Backings, or even nothing!

Being one of the largest manufacturers of poster frames in the U.S.A., we can offer deep discounts directly to you. We've also added frame matting, making it very convenient one-stop shopping. We cut all mats to specification for every order. Standard and custom sizes available in many colors. Click here to see our mat board site. They look great in our poster frames!

Our poster frames are not limited to just framing posters. Our frames make great picture frames too! We also offer shadow box frames in any size which are perfect for framing memoribilia or small objects. Whether you are framing your favorite poster, family photo, or sports jersey, WholesalePosterFrames.com has the frame you need.

Poster Frames With U/V Stable Protection!

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Framers Brand™ protective lens cover is exclusively offered by WholesalePosterFrames.com. This new lens cover was developed in response to our customer’s requests wanting a superior alternative to what was readily available from other frame shops. Our many individual customer’s along with large companies and institutions, wanted to protect their artwork and posters from damaging Ultra Violet (UV) rays.  

Besides protection from UV damage we were repeatedly asked about providing a durable light weight unbreakable cover that could be safely cleaned using ordinary window cleaner.  After taking these requests into consideration we approached one of the largest plastic manufacturers in the US to see what options were available.

After many months of research and development WholesalePosterFrames.com is proud to introduce Framers Brand™ UV stable protective lens covers. These lens covers are available in both clear and non-glare (Matte) finish.


Besides its UV stable characteristics, the lens cover is virtually unbreakable, and safe to clean with ordinary plastic cleaners. (Available within our accessories area) The lens cover is also fire rated and is self extinguishing making it safe to use in most commercial building applications. We want you to enjoy your poster and frame for many years and that is why we have put in the extra effort to offer you this high performance light weight protective cover.

Why is it important to use a UV stable lens cover?

Fabrics and paper all too frequently become brittle, fade in color, or turn yellow when exposed to sunlight and some indoor light sources. This degradation is mainly due to exposure to UV waves in sunlight and some indoor fluorescent and halogen light bulbs. The lower wave lengths tend to be the most damaging and Lab results show that Framers Brand™ UV covers absorb the most damaging of these UV light rays below 380 nm, without sacrificing clarity.

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Each poster frame is complete with all hardware, including Mounting Brackets, Wall Bumpers, and Hanging Wire. We also offer Frame Kits featuring our same high quality Deluxe Aluminum material in standard and custom size frames. Some basic assembly is required for all frames. Click here for poster frame assembly instructions, or see our instructional videos here.

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