Frame Backings

Frame backings play a large part in helping to protect your framed posters and photos. Ideally, you want a non-acidic backing that will help protect your frame from moisture and mildew. Rather than using a cardboard backing that offers none of those features, Wholesale Poster Frames offers three different variations of foamcore frame backings, as well as a corrugated plastic backing, to provide the best protection possible.

A common cardboard frame backing offers little protection from moisture and attracts mold and mildew. Cardboard backings are also highly acidic, making them harmful towards your framed posters and photos. Our foamcore frame backings provide protection against moisture, mold, and mildew while remaining non-acidic. Foamcore backing consists of a thick inner core of polystyrene (a stiff foam) with a protective paper on either side.

While our foamcore backings do help protect your framed prints from moisture, if you are planning to hang your frame in a place of constant moisture or temperature changes, a corrugated plastic backing will offer more protection. Corrugated backings are resistant to moisture and most oils and solvents, making them ideal for protection against damp conditions and extreme handling.

When considering which frame backing you want, there are two things to keep in mind: What is the value of the item I am framing, and where will I be hanging it?

Items of any value should never be framed with a cardboard backing. At the very least, a non-acidic foamcore frame backing is required. Acid free foamcore backings are highly recommended when framing anything that you want to last.

When hanging your frame in a place of constant temperature changes or humidity, a corrugated plastic frame backing is highly recommended. Our corrugated backings are also perfect for any frame that will be handled often. If you plan on hanging your frame in a dry environment, any foamcore backing will offer plenty of protection.

Standard White Foamcore

Our Standard White Foamcore is non-acidic. We suggest it be used for artwork that is expected to be framed for up to 50 years and is valued at less than $100.00. Available in sizes up to 42x62.

white backing

Acid Free Foamcore

Acid Free Foamcore is buffered with an Alkaline chemical which helps combat the acids found in most posters or prints. Our suggested use is for artwork that is expected to be framed for upwards of 100 years and is valued at over $100.00. Available in sizes up to 32x42.

acid free backing

Corrugated Plastic

For added protection during shipping, all lens covers come with a protective film on both sides that helps protect the material during shipping and handling. Before installing your lens cover in your frame profile, please be sure to peel off both sides of the protective film. Available in sizes up to 42x62

corrugate plastic