Frame Backings

Frame backings play a large part in helping to protect your framed posters and photos. Ideally, you want a non-acidic backing that will help protect your frame from moisture and mildew. Rather than using a cardboard backing that offers none of those features, Wholesale Poster Frames offers acid-free foamcore.

Our acid-free foamcore provides protection against moisture, mold, and mildew while remaining non-acidic. Acid-free foamcore backing consists of a thick inner core of polystyrene (a stiff foam) with a protective buffered paper on either side. Acid Free Foamcore is buffered with an Alkaline chemical which helps to combat the acids found in most posters or prints. Available in sized up to 42x62.

Acid Free Foamcore

acid free backing

Reminder: To use our type of frame, both a Lens Cover and Backing are required .