What Is A Frame Kit?

Do you have your own Lens Cover (Acrylic or Front Glass Like Material) and/or Backing ??

We offer Custom Frame Kits, which allow you to choose just the items you need to build a frame, for your particular framing needs. Choose the frame molding: profile type, size, and color, and we provide an easy-to-install assembly hardware kit, which contains spring clips, tapped angles and backing plates, hanging wire, and wall bumpers. To purchase only the aluminum profile sides and assembly hardware, simply select: No Backing, and No Cover.

Customers can then choose to add a Backing to the Frame Kit if needed, or No Backing at all. A similar option is available when selecting a cover. Add a Lens Cover (Acrylic), or choose No Cover at all. For a complete frame, make sure to choose the style Backing and Lens Cover of your choice. Custom Frame Kits are available in the Custom Frame area of our website. All kits typically assemble in less than 10 minutes using a basic flat-head screwdriver.