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Assembly Instructions

How to Assemble Your Poster Frames in Quick and Easy Steps

NOTE: Frame is assembled with BACK of frame facing toward you. Work on a smooth, clean flat surface, and be careful not to scratch your beautiful new frame.

  1. With one of the short aluminum sides facing upwards, turn the lower screw of both the left and right angle hardware pieces by 1/2 turn. (Do not loosen completely) Gently remove top aluminum frame piece by pushing upwards.
    remove 4th rail
  2. Place the frame face up. Slide out the backing and lens cover from within the ā€œUā€ shaped frame channel. Set Lens cover aside on clean surface. Place poster on top of backing.
  3. Remove protective film from both sides of the lens cover (Plexi-Glass) and place over poster. Slide cover, poster/print, and backing into the frame channel.
  4. Place frame with open side facing upwards. Slide in picture hangers along channels in each side piece, adjust to correct position (about one-third from the top edge), then tighten screws. Add framing wire between the two picture hangers, by passing it through the center holes and twisting the remaining portions around itself.
    Long Poster Frame Rail Assembly
  5. Insert the top aluminum frame piece by alligning the angle hardware with the frame channel and carefully sliding downward. Be sure that the backing and lens cover sit properly within the top frame piece, and then tighten the two lower left and right screws.
    Assembling Contents for Poster Frames
  6. Inspect the front and sides of the frame to make certain that the corners are correctly aligned. Check all screws, to be sure they are all tight.
  7. Insert the spring tension clips between the frame section and the artwork backing board.
    Completed Poster Frame Assembly
  8. Peel Foam Wall Bumper from backing and apply to back of each corner angle, to provide stability and to protect wall surface.
  9. Hang your picture, then step back and admire a professional job well done.